bookmark_border“AYOMOT” in Aoyama, Tokyo has started handing Shinso skin care.

AYOMOT, founded in 1999 is a total beauty salon that enriches your life, created by Tomoya Suzuki.
The owner of a French restaurant he worked at after graduating high school, taught him that “Most important to a restaurant is the current customers.”
Even now, more than 20 years after its founding, the company still relies on customer introductions and reviews, and not relying on advertising or on social media.
It’s a completely invitation system salon that never follows trends and proposes the best style for each customer.
We have two salons in Minami Aoyama, Omotesando in Japan, and one in New York USA. Salon in Tokyo is completely on an introduction, so if you like to experience the products, please contact directly to the salon and make a reservation.

bookmark_borderYou can experience Shinso SKIN CARE’s SPA Treatment at SPA by JW in JW Marriott Hotel Nara, Japan.

You can experience Shinso SKIN CARE’s SPA Treatment at SPA by JW in JW Marriott Hotel Nara, Japan.

▶︎SHINSO Facial 30min ¥15,000.-
▶︎SHINSO Treatment 60min (Facial plus Upper Arms and Below the Knees) ¥23,000.-

Includes the SPA-Exclusive SHINSO CLEANSE on either course.

A facial cleanser serum contains Fullerene which is the Novel Prize-winning high-performance beauty ingredient. The power of plant-derived skin-friendly cleaning ingredients, the fine and light foam does not burden the skin and removes it neatly with a small amount of use.

bookmark_border“with online” is posted about Shinso SKIN CARE SPA treatment at THE ROKU SPA in ROKU KYOTO LXR Hotel & Resort in Japan.

“I was experience the “frictionless beauty method” of “Shinso”. It was a treatment that surprised me not only with the glowing of my skin right after the end, but also by the goodness of the makeup by my self the next morning. “

See to compare the photos of Before/After.

The swollen is removed and lifting up the skin. The blood flow improves, so brightening and clearing. Also, the lips are naturally plumped up, and very good complexion.

Conventional spa treatment is facial massage but Shinso SKIN CARE Spa treatment is different.

You can feel the effect just by gently stroying it!

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The column “YURILOG Vol.5” serialized by actor Yuri Nakamura is posted on the official website of Japanese beauty magazine “BITEKI”.

“My current beauty policy is natural beauty. For example, facial wrinkles around the eyes show the inner charm, so I don’t mind. It is important to accept ageing. Moreover, I try to keep a good condition with daily care” (Excerpt from YURILOG Vol.5)

Ms. Nakamura, who cares health and beauty every single day.
“A lift-up serum of a brand called SHINSO. It’s a little expensive, but my face is lifting up” She introduced our Shinso Essence.