The secret of youthful skin

The ancient Japanese believed the gods endowed the earth and sea with healing powers. One folk tale tells the story of a fisherman who sets out to sea to find two special gifts for his ailing wife. Upon his return, he gives her the water from the deepest part of the sea and a delicate, fresh flower. She drinks a mixture of the ground petals and water, and almost instantly, her frail body is rejuvenated and her cheeks glow with radiance.

Nature’s most precious ingredients in deep sea water

Shinso Skin Care Creator and Celebrity Skin Care Expert, Nao Tsuruta, believes such mythical lore contains a powerful seed of truth: the natural world contains miraculous healing treatments that can restore, and revitalize. In Japanese, Shinso means “deeper layer” Shinso Skin Care can rejuvenate even the deepest layers of your skin by utilizing some of nature’s most precious ingredients. These ingredients are found in deep sea water. Shinso Skin Care also use rare Japanese herbs and botanical extracts. There is a myth in skin care that moisturizing creams hydrate the skin, but in actuality they only lock in existing moisture.

Ageless skin of the Japanese

For years, researchers have attempted to combine botanicals and herbs to create the perfect lifting products, but only Shinso Skin Care reveals the secret behind the virtually ageless skin of the Japanese.

Unlock the ancient Japanese Secrets

Shinso Essence and Shinso Mist are very unique because they use over 26 active ingredients in a combination which cannot be replicated at this time. These active ingredients not only correct the health and function of the skin, but they are natural and can be used on virtually anyone. Unlock the ancient Japanese secrets of radiant, youthful, and uniform skin while avoiding harmful synthetic chemicals and pore-clogging oils.

Shinso's simple skin care routine use natural cosmetic treatments that will protect your skin from damaging free radicals by harnessing the earth’s most potent and powerful minerals, extracts, and ingredients.