President/CEO Nao Tsuruta, his interview posted on The Focus: A Japanese interview media that focuses on “people” who are active in various fields.

President/CEO Nao Tsuruta, his interview posted on The Focus: A Japanese interview media that focuses on “people” who are active in various fields.


Nao Tsuruta grew up SHONAN area in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Upon graduation from high school in Kamakura, Japan, only able to speak Japanese, he traveled to the US to attend University.  While he attended University, he became the coach for the woman’s volleyball team and led his team to victory and the number one spot in the United of States.

After he received a degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, he took a position with Crane Company in US even though he had offered a position from a major Japanese company and work in Japan.  His ability in making profitable deals soon earned him the title of sales and engineering manager of the Asian Pacific region.

Nao Tsuruta had formed a water treatment company in US.  His company specialized in converting sea water and sewage water into drinking water by utilizing the most advanced membrane technologies.  He was able to work on numerous water projects and established offices in US, Singapore, Philippines and Japan.

He was involved in developing the large projects, for a desalination plant, on Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Also, he was an integral part in developing the first largest desalination plant in Asia in Singapore.  In the wake of these projects, he has now been appointed as an advisor to the president of a major Japanese company in Japan with sales revenue of more than 2 Trillion Yen and have participated in various overseas projects.

He had helped to establish the first water bottle delivery company Aqua Clara, Inc. in Japan which is the largest water delivery company in Japan today.  Aqua Clara was a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co, Ltd.  The launch of Aqua Clara’s services, and the Global Water Awards. acquired by company. In addition, there have been a wide range of activities so far, such as business development management of music artists and fashion designers and the production of Hollywood movies in the United States

How did he get his current job?

Since graduated the university, the base of work has always been involved in the water.

While living in the United States, he had set up a company in Japan and experienced various projects and external advisors.  In the late 2000’s, I decided to spread products that are healed by the wonderful power of nature in Japan to the world and focused on the development of cosmetic products based on healing.

When various people around the world have tried the products which took a couple of years to develop, he has received very positive feedback and wonderful evaluations.

With this high reputation and confidence, the Japanese company name was changed to Shinso Skin Care in 2010.

It has been deployed the products at cosmetic dermatology, luxury department stores, 5-star hotel spas around the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Singapore.  SHINSO has grown into the skincare brand.

Commitment to work

In any business, he thinks it’s most important to be a high-quality product.

It has to be a niche product, not a product that is in everywhere, and having such a product, you can create a new market which never had before.  Also, it is very important not to reduce the quality of the products for making more profit.  Instead of making more profit, you can increase the profit increasing the number of repeat customers to keep the quality or improving the quality of current high-quality products.

At the bottom line, he does not believe the advertising the products.

If the products have an instant effect along with long term effect and can be used for any kind of skin types, customers will come eventually by word of mouth.

Advertising can be done by any companies if they pay the money, but you can’t buy the word of mouth with money, and it needs to earn. Especially, he deals with very wealthy customers and high-profile people who can afford anything and have experienced a variety of high-quality products, so in order to convince them, they can’t be recognized by any ordinary products from the advertisement.

It takes a time to sell the products by word of mouth, but in the end, customers will purchase after experienced the high quality of the products, so he thinks you can continue your business for a long time.

A message to young people

He wants you to have a passion and a dream about what you want to do and to be interested in various things.  Also, he wants you not to be afraid of the failures and live by believing yourself.

Dreams come true.

 Life is only once.

It’s not how long you will live the life and how you will live your life.

If you are having a dream and a passion, this will make you feel toward to your dream and a goal.  This will give you a motivation and you can achieve various things.

No matter what happens, don’t give up!!

You should never forget your efforts every day even it is raining day.  If you have a passion, no matter how much you work, you will not feel any pains because you are doing what you like, so you don’t feel like you’re working.  If someone tell you it’s impossible, this is a time you need to move forward to make it possible.

Live your life moment by moment, cherishing your life with your hard work. When you’re depressed and feeling at the bottom and everything has gone, it’s a exact time to do more than ever, so you can sustain against the pressure with the accumulation of daily hard works and being hungry!!

He would like to give you some words to younger generation at the end.



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