SHINSO Luxury Facial available at Blue Ocean Hotel & Resort Miyakojima in Okinawa Japan

Okinawa is known a Japanese resort. It is full of attraction such as a superb view of rich nature such as the blue sea and blue sky, a number of ruins related to the Ryukyu Kingdom registered as a World Heritage Site, crafts unique to Okinawa, and aquariums.

The hotel is a resort hotel with all 24 rooms with luxury specifications and a restaurant a bar and a spa. While having amazing meals consisting of local production for local consumption, you can overlook the sea of Miyako Blue and you can enjoy your own time in the restaurant or the bar. And you will be heal at the spa with all-hand treatments that stick to natural care based on the concept of harmony between mind and body.

Experience SHINSO’s luxury facial at Blue Ocean Hotel & Resort Miyakojima.

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